We're super excited about showing you Voss from the air, and what paragliding is all about. Fill out the form below, and one of our pilots will contact you and arrange the details.

Please note that paragliding is very dependent on weather. Safety is paramount, and we will only fly if the weather conditions permit it. If the selected day turns out to be unflyable, your pilot will contact you to cancel the flight. You will of course not pay anything if we're unable to fly.

Current prices

Regular price from Hangur (not including gondola ticket) 2 400,-
Price for flights from other mountain takeoffs (including transport) 2 900,-
Price for flight in Aurland 3 400,-
Price for flight with boat-tow launch 2 900,-
Extra for photos/video using the pilots equipment 200,-
Most days we fly from Hangur, near the top station of Voss Gondol. You must pay your own one-way ticket to the top to get to the take-off. Depending on weather, we might have to choose another takeoff location (mountain or winch). All prices are in norwegian kroner and are paid directly to the pilot.

Your details

Paragliders are certified for a certain weight range. By entering your weight we can find a pilot whose weight will allow you to stay in the certified weight range.

Your pilot will contact you on this phone number in order to arrange the details for your flight. It will not be used for any other purpose.

An optional email address the pilot can use to send pictures/video of your flight. Arrange the details with your pilot.

Extra information you want to share with the pilot, e.g. time constraints or other requirements.

If you are a group of people wanting to fly together, please use the "add extra passenger"-button below and enter their names. That way we can find enough pilots so you can all fly toghether.

If you are a booking on behalf of somebody else (e.g. birthday or hen/stag party), enter the name of the passenger in the name field above, and use your own phone number. Also, please add a comment about the circumstances of the flight.

When you click the submit button below, we will try to find an available pilot who can give you a tandem flight. The pilot will call you to discuss the exact time and place you'll fly. If you enter an email address, we'll send you a confirmation email with name and phone number to your pilot.