Frequently Asked Questions

When flying tandem, you are flying with one of the experienced tandem instructors in Voss hang and paragliding club in a paraglider designed for two persons flying together. It is a wonderful way to safely experience paragliding and see Voss from the air.

To stay within safety margins we can only accept passengers weighing less than 120kg. Additionally, you must be able to do a short sprint. In order to launch the paraglider you and your instructor will be running down a hill as fast as you can.

Regular price 1 900,-
Extra for flights out of town 1 000,-
Extra for boat-tow launch 200,-
Extra for photos/video using the pilots equipment 200,-
Regular price covers transport to the start from Voss town center. Out-of-town surcharge is added when flying from places outside the normal starts around Voss (such as Aurland). All prices are in norwegian kroner and are paid directly to the pilot.

In Norway, paragliding is organized through the clubs of the hang and paragliding-section of NLF (the Norwegian aerosports association). Voss hang and paraglidingclub the biggest club

In the extremely unlikely event of an accident, you are covered by the pilots insurance. Insurance documents are available on the NLF hang- and paragliding website

Sensible shoes and something to keep you warm. You will run to launch the paraglider, so wearing high heels is definitely not recommended. Depending on the conditions you might have to hike 30-40 minutes to get to a suitable launch area.

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